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Our Inspiration

Dr. Solntsev'a life of compassionate service and courage in her final days inspired SunG8te

Throughout her years of compassionate service as a mother and medical professional, Dr Tatiana Solntseva taught her daughter to overcome challenges in order to position herself to help those in need, During the final year of her life, as she battled a virulent form of brain cancer in an indifferent Ukrainian medical establishment, Dr. Solntseva taught her daughter the importance of courageously standing up against institutionalized cruelty and injustice. SunG8te is Dr. Solntseva's legacy founded by her daughter Tatiana Sanghera in her mother's memory.

What motivates and drives SunG8te to create a better world

Sung8te’s founder Tatiana Sanghera has witnessed first-hand the institutionalized cruelty of compassionless bureaucracies, and the preventable tragedies caused bg cultural apathy.

Her first-hand experience was the seven-year fight for a healthy life, which taught her the real value of health, quality of life and the importance of a good care system to look after those families that require support during tremendously difficult times.

The second experience was then Tatiana's parents sent her to an orphanage in Latvia to her from the fallout of the Chernobyl disaster, she lived side-by-side with orphans who lived much starker lives. While Tatiana received gifts and visits from family, her peers had no one to advocate for them. This revealed to Tatiana the privilege of having a loving family and the importance of putting that privilege to work tor others.

Later, as a teenager, Tatiana became an immigrant. First to the UK and then to Canada.
During this period of her life, Tatiana experienced the prejudices that are all too common to the immigrant experience. However, she also benefited from the compassionate guidance and care of people who were better positioned to help her.  The investment of time and energy into her success by charitable mentors reinforced the lessons of her youth. They served as a reminder that we are all, at times, the less fortunate in need of help.

In 2018, Tatiana's mother succumbed to a brave battle against brain cancer, Her death in the cold care of a Ukrainian medical establishment brought home the truth of our interdependence, While Tatiana watched her mother suffer at the hands of an indifferent bureaucracy. She reached out to anyone who could help several empathetic individuals stepped forward in her family's time in need, including Dr. Pavlo Plavskig, Head of Neurosurgery Department of Ohmadit hospital and Dr. Oleksandr Voznyak, Head of the Neurosurgery department at Feofania Hospital. These two doctors were instrumental in prolonging the life of Tatiana's mother, and they remain at the front line of fighting medical injustice in Ukraine today. While Dr Solntseva's death inspired grief and frustration, those who loved her, her life of compassionate service, her model of energetic activism, her courage in her final days inspired Sung8te.

Last Words

Our Mission

Today, SunG8te is committed to uniting passionate philanthropists in the fight for a more compassionate and just world. We put Our combined skills, experience, and resources behind deserving Canadian and Ukrainian charities like Sick Kids Foundation and Tabletochki to create momentous change the lives of the disenfranchised and vulnerable. Through inspiring and informative events we provide a forum for accomplished business people and compassioned altruists to connect with leading experts on the most pressing problems we face today and make a difference in the lives of the disenfranchised and vulnerable.


Currently, we are focusing our support on the following worthy charities


Currently, we are focusing our support on the following worthy charities