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Ukrainian Sick Kids Lives

Cancer Doesn’t Go Into Quarantine. Help Us Save the Sick Kids of Ukraine

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About this campaign

Let’s help kids in Ukraine fight cancer!

Every day in Ukraine 3 families find out that their child has cancer. Less than half of these children survive, while in Canada and other developed countries more than 80% of kids diagnosed with cancer recover.

To fight cancer children in Ukraine need access to quality medical care. However, this year Ukrainian Ministry of Health failed to procure vital medication for these kids. That means that even fewer kids will have a chance for the cure. Today, pediatric oncology units all over the country are running out of medicines. In September 2020 there will be none left for children to continue their battle with cancer.

But you can change that! Your donation will be truly lifesaving

The cost of monthly supply of medication for kids with cancer treated in the National Children's Hospital “Ohmatdyt” is around $40,000. We aim is to provide funds for at least 3 months to cover the shortage.

Join us, Canadian fundraising community SunG8te and Tabletochki, the largest Ukrainian childhood cancer foundation, and help kids to fight cancer!

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